The Aquathlon Culture

Written by Dave Norton on . Posted in News

The social side of the Aquathlons is disappearing fast  – is this just a sign of the times, or do we need to resurrect it?  New initiative for the Aquathlon this Friday.

The North Coast Aquathlons have traditionally been our Club social focus over the summer months. For almost as long as the Club has been in existence, we have met on alternative Friday evenings over the summer to have some friendly racing and a social chat … this as a means of winding down the week and building for some big sessions on the weekends.

We havn’t always been based at the Surf Club, having originally run the events from the Marina. Times change however and as the Marina became too crowded we had to move on. The Surf Club has been the Aquathlon venue for some 20 years now and they have been wonderful years too. Unfortunately the winds of change might be blowing again. The Surf Club in it’s own right has become a very popular venue on Friday evenings for both Surf Club members and the public alike and this has led to some serious congestion. While the racing manages to continue, the socialising is disappearing fast, We now have our presentations on the grass and the have difficulty finding room in the undercover area for a sit down and chat.

On going discussions with the Surf Club management ensure us that they will bend over backwards to find a solution to the situation. The first initiative to be trailed this Friday will be for them to rope off an area reserved for the Tri Club. The area will be secured from 5.30pm until 8.00pm after which it will be open for general integration. The Surf Club is going to some trouble to arrange this, so will be monitoring the response they get to the initiative. So it is up to the Tri Club to vote with their feet – if we turn up in numbers in the undercover area after the race, then we will get that area permanently secured for our race days. If we don’t show, then we’re on our own. What we are trying to ascertain here is – what do our members want. This is your opportunity to show us.