Ride to the Rotto swim start

Written by Dave Norton on . Posted in News

There can’t be much that is more inspiring than watching the start of the Rotto channel swim. Individuals and teams will be battling high seas, winds, currents and the unmentionable (marine preditors). Join the alternative Club ride¬†this Saturday and witness for yourself this awesome spectacle as these guys head off into the blue yonder. Some will take 5 hours, the battlers will be struggling to beat 10 hours – coming home with every bone in the body aching, swollen eyes and pickled tongues.

The plan is to get there before the first wave start to soak in the build up to the gun start for solo swimmers at 5.45am. We will stay and watch for 45 minutes …or longer for those that want to linger. Those that want a longer ride will continue after the 45 minutes on the bikes down to North Point and either straight back to Sorrento or call in again at Cottesloe on the way back for another quick squiz at the swim.

The logistics: Cottesloe is 21 ks from our start point – Sorrento Surf Club, so we need to leave no later than 4.45am ( that will get us there comfortably by 5.30). At that time of the morning the traffic on West Coast Drive will be minimal so that’s the route we’ll take until we get to Trigg where we will cycle path to South Scarborough before rejoining West Coast Drive all the way to Cottesloe (Surf Club). ¬†Same route for the trip back. We will stay at Cottesloe until 6.30 when those that want to continue will ride on to North Point ( another 5 ks). Your total ride distance for the day will only be 52ks, but it’s all about the excitement of watching the swim start.

The temperature forecast is for top of 24degrees on Saturday so it will be colder in the early morning – dress accordingly and of course have good lights on your bike. We will be riding into a south easterly wind on the way down but it will change to a south westerly for the ride back. You all know the terrain – undulating. Mostly flat with some low rolling hills. The ride leader will sweep at the rear of the group. All senior club riders are welcome on this ride.

Your ride leader will be Dave Norton. Please call 0431 032 040 if you require further information.