Arena Sports Days

Written by Zena Coffey on . Posted in News

Ann and Nicole would like to thank the many families and our wonderful TRYstars and CT’s who came down to help run two afternoons of “triathlon” at the Arena. Together we saw about 130 children and gave them a taste of triathlon.

Cooper and Sophie Foxcroft, Kaitlyn and Tiffany Illingworth, Sheridan Smith, Jo Robertson, Hayley Zender, Breeze James, Leah Martin, Brandon Swift and Luke Jayawardene who were fantastic with helping all the kids (even if it was just wetting them with a hose!). Thanks Guys!

Thank you to the following  families for helping by lending bikes, helmets and kids scooters – Lucy Lane and Family, Justine Brightwell and Family,Sarah Black and Family,Michelle Martin and Family, Anthea Knowles and Family,Rosa Illingworth and Family, Fiona Hampton and Family, Sally Pilbeam and Family, Sue Scott and Family.