6 inch recap

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6 inch trail marathon recap by Mark Hoffman.

After participating in triathlons for quite a few years, I decided to miss the start of this season (by not swimming) and play with a few other non-triathlon events on the calendar, these days with so many events available to choose from there are plenty of alternatives, and it started with doing the Cape to Cape (C2C) Mountain bike race. I did the C2C last year and convinced Craig Wright (VP) that it was an event well worth doing, so he bought a mountain bike (forgot he had a road bike for his training) and joined us over the winter riding in the hills on a Sunday. Quite a contingent of North Coasters competed again this year in the C2C in what has become an iconic event in recent history on the endurance event calendar. Then club member Terry Hobson suggested that I consider joining their 12hr dusk to dawn mountain bike enduro at Jarradale. Along with Terry and myself team members were Steve and Craig (Apples). The event from our teams perspective was ‘interesting’ and we had a few challenges, the team placed mid field, however the concept of getting up to do a 50minute loop of the course at 2am was something I really struggled with, needless to say I am unlikely to be back next year!

A number of club members have spoken about this mysterious 6inch trail ultra-marathon, and Mick Murtha and ‘Big Kev’ were the two that convinced me to register. At the same time there were quite a few north coasters that were registered, considering or planning to register. However the field progressively thinned and the only 2 club members that I am aware of that participated were Rachael Evans (2nd finish) and myself. Our friends from the Northern Suburbs Running Group organised some trail runs ahead of the race including 2 recon runs on the 6inch course. Then Rob D also organised a fatass marathon to recognise the 50thanniversary of the Perth Commonwealth/Empire Games Marathon on the same date and time over a course as close to the original as possible. The marathon started at 3:40pm on Tuesday November 27, an afternoon marathon is a strange concept for most of us – what should you eat during the day etc. There were a couple of dozen participants including Michael Perrott who was planning only to do half as the last significant training run 11 days before the Busselton Ironman, however he ‘forgot’ to stop at the turn around and decided to run back as well, and when he got to the end decided it wasn’t the best decision!  A link to a compilation of the event follows http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/photo.php?v=523406921002942&set=o.326252537460310&type=2&theater