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Do you have any nicknames we don’t know about?
Most people call me Baldie; from the surname of course….My girlfriends have touted me “THE BALDE BITCH ….. Something to do with being a bit of a hard task master if they do any type of exercise with me….

How long have you been involved in Triathlons and how did you first get introduced/involved into Tri’s
There was a group of girls from work that had all signed up to do 2005 women’s tri. Unfortunately I injured myself so had to stand on the sidelines and laugh at them.I was determined to do it the following year. The rest is history….The rest of the girls never did another tri…I got addicted… My first tri ended up being the enticer at City of Perth 2006….It wasn’t pretty…The swim started off well with freestyle for about 25 m, then it was breaststroke the rest of the way…..That sums up my first year in triathlon…breaststroke…..Thankfully some things have changed…

Which of the 3 tri disciplines did you do well at before you decided to try tri?
The only sport I ever did as a child was netball. I did the usual swim lessons and school sport, but was never very athletic.
Got into weight training in my late teens, but nothing serious. Was a gym junky, till I started running in my thirties with a girlfriend. Then triathlon came into my life.

Tell us about your first race?
As mentioned above it was City of Perth enticer 2006.The first 25m of the swim was ok,the next 275m was breaststroke ,watching the rest of the field swim further and further away, it was demoralising.Ecstatic to get out of the water, the bike was a blur really(not bad ,not good),then the run. My favourite part….Was over so quickly…I look back now and think how far I’ve come in 6 short years….

Would you mind telling us what age group you race in?
40-44 years

What is the funniest or strangest thing that has happened to you during or before a race?
Well I wished it was a funny story, but having to resort to a bit of frog kick on my back at the end of busso jetty at the ironman (and wanting my mum)was not a highlight,but really the only bad time I’ve had.

Someone you respect highly in triathlons or the club and why?
I respect anyone just trying to give it a go.Don’t get me wrong the pros are just inspiring, but so is the 12 year old or the 75 year old. It’s just great that anyone can have a go.

The best bike training, swimming training and favourite team mate on the freo corporate tri (excluding mike Tindale).
That would have to be the MIGHTY PHIL PROSSER(my bank details are below, for the payment mate)

Are you married and bringing up a family? –
The lovely Chris Balde(and my beautiful furry family-4 cats and Trev the wunderdog)

What is your trade or profession?
Intensive Care Nurse at RPH

Do you have a product or service for sale that you would like members to know about?
I pray that I never have to provide anyone I know with my services, actually I don’t wish what I do to people on my worst enemies….

What are the specs and NAME of your trusty “steed”?
My beautiful babe(MANDY),is a 2010 Felt B12,running ultegras. She just got herself a pair of spinergy deep dish wheels(with white spokes) for race day…

Finish this sentence. Chris comes first in my life except for……………
Food, followed closely by Boris(my new little kitty)

Fantasy date?
That’s a hard one…So many to choose…Mitch Anderson,followed closely by Daniel Craig

Dream job?
Pro cycling team masseuse. Need a girl explain further..

Favourite holiday destination?
Isle of Capri….Lazing about on a boat..With a large cool beer…Mmmmmm

Favourite food?
All..Except green beans…I’ll try anything once

Best book you have ever read?
White Butterflies, Colin McPhedran (my sister’s next door neighbour)

Who is your greatest sporting hero?
Still Lance(for the fact he still won 7 tours,after cancer(just with better drugs than the Europeans)

Three funniest or inspirational people you would like to invite to dinner?
English comedian Jack Dee, for his wit and cynicism…..Para Olympian John Maclean for his story of inspiration…My Dad, only cause he’s long gone….

What would you like on your tombstone
Id like something nice and inspirational ,but Chris has already decided to cover my tombstone with those stickers you see “dial 1100, Dial before you dig”