Profile – Amy Sharman

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By what name do you prefer to be called


How long have you been doing triathlons

1 year

Which of the 3 tri disciplines did you do well at before you decided to try tri

I enjoyed cycling

Do you remember your first race

Yes, it was the Womens 2xu Triathlon Feb 2011

Would you mind telling us what age group you race in

I’m 23

Who are your training partners

I don’t have any at the moment as I work FIFO so I’m hoping I can meet some through this club

Are you married and bringing up a family


What is your profession

I’m a FIFO machine operator and will be commencing a Bacherlor of Health Science 2013

Do you have a product or service for sale that you would like members to know about


Do you have any race day superstitions

Not yet but I’m sure I will develop some

What is your ultimate ambition in Triathlon

To complete an Ironman

What are the specs of your trusty “steed” (bike)

Not entirely sure, just a modest Avanti that does the job for now
Preferred running shoe

So far I have found the Saucony Mirage to be my favourite

Favourite meal before a race

The one that worked for my first race, homemade seafood marinara and garlic bread

Best Ever Movie you have seen

The Bucket List

Three most inspirational people you would like to invite to dinner

Bryce Courtenay , David Attenborough and Steve Irwin

Do you have a sporting idol

Bethany Hamilton the Professional American Surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack when she was young.