Profile – Glen Mesch

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Do you have any nicknames we don’t know about?

Rambuka. I coached Australian Rules Football for a long time in Broome and back in those days you acted more like a dictator than coach or mentor. One of my captains in the mid nineties flagged it and of course it stuck for a while.

How long have you been involved in Triathlons and how did you first get introduced/involved into Tri’s?

Since 2007. A friend got injured before the Noosa Triathlon and I was asked to fill in as the cyclist. I have been hooked ever since. I had looked for a while, trying to find something to fill in the gap left by retiring from footy, and I could no longer do anything that wasn’t on a straight line.

Which of the 3 tri disciplines did you do well at before you decided to try tri?

I was still playing master’s football in my early 40’s but plenty of grief due to injuries. Someone suggested I take up cycling and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t too bad at it after a while and the longer endurance rides were more for me. I played most of my footy in country WA, Broome and Kojonup. I am fortunate enough to have been part of numerous premiership teams as a player. I am proud of my coaching career though as I found that the most challenging. Probably the most satisfying thing was coaching the West Kimberley team to 2 consecutive North West Championships. Bringing players together from their different clubs, travelling 1000 km to play 4 games in 2 days was very rewarding.   

Tell us about your first race?

That first Noosa Tri a great experience. Some of the world’s best triathletes, Craig Walton, Courtney Atkinson and of course all the Emma’s were there. The atmosphere is electric for days leading up to the race and I have been hooked ever since. There is a downhill at Noosa where cannonball specialists like me get to nearly 100kmh and I thought I have to come back and have another go at this. I have done the full race every year since.

Would you mind telling us what age group you race in?

45 – 49…for just a bit longer. 2013 its up an age group.

Triathlon goal?

I have 2:

To get out of the water close enough to Lee Scott so I can whip his arse on the bike and, which I expect to happen in my other goal which is my first Ironman in Busselton 2012.    

Favourite triathlon distance?

I do enjoy the Olympic distance. The sprint distance is not quite enough and the half is just a bit too much. (the 21km run is at least).

Are you married and bringing up a family?

Married to Jodie…at least I was last time I checked.  I relocated back to Perth from Brisbane last Jan 2011 and Jo and my 11yo daughter Megan joined me December 2011. Megan is a sometimes keen triathlete and she is looking forward to joining the club with me. We have 3 adult sons also and 1 grandchild.  

What is your trade or profession?

Financial Services/Planning. I am the State Manager of Perpetual Private .

Do you have a product or service for sale that you would like members to know about?

Not really.

What are the specs of your trusty “steed”?

Argon 18 E112. Zipp 808’s and Sram Red with RTC shifters. Makes me appear faster than I really am.

Pet hates?

The swimming part of triathlon. I am ordinary at it…but I will improve…and Collingwood supporters…who won’t ever improve 

Favourite food?

Asian. Chilli noodle dishes

Dream job?

I would have loved to have been able to work in the AFL at coaching level. I think there is so much technical crap these days. Most coaches have lost sight of the fact unless you enjoy it you won’t perform at any level.

Favourite holiday destination?

One I have never been too and want to go is Ireland. Small country pubs, rolling green hills…

It is very hard to go past Noosa or FNQ. Airlie Beach, Cairns, the Sunshine Coast are all great places and I would rather holiday in Australia if possible.  

Favourite movie of all time?

We Were Soldiers or Braveheart.

Who is your greatest sporting hero?

I would have to say Michael Voss until he became a (very ordinary) coach. Pound for pound the toughest most skilled player of our time. 

Three most inspirational people you would like to invite to dinner?


Cpl Ben Roberts-Smith

Craig Walton

One song you would like at your funeral. 

That’s a hard one. I can’t say I care all that much. Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen is probably my all time favourite.