Bunbury Race Recap

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Bunbury race recaps are starting to come in. Keep reading to know the truth about what went on (so far: Sue Scott, Ken Little, Blake Kappler)

Blake Kappler said:

M25-29 – 2:10:10

Swim goods conditions simple 2 lap course.
Good swim with no unexpected events.

Bike wind picked up a bit on front half of the course.
But fast flat back half felt good on the ride but was disappointed to see groups of the open category tucked in to each other as a tight bunch.

Run good two lap course with a nice run along the board walk.
Felt good of the bike but first time running sockless and had to deal with some blisters.

Sue Scott said:

Race start: my wetsuit was the admiration of many, you have to see it to know why! As I exited the water I was greeted by family and Di Silverlock telling me to wipe my face 🙂

On the cycle course I was cheered on by fellow triathletes, yes as they passed me by as well as the ever friendly cheer from Di. From transition to the run one didn’t dare slow down as the up and coming juniors were doing drills and skills and cheers and encouragement came from the McCoach clan and others. At the end, great refueling fruit and drink and a chance to greet and congratulate others.

Thank goodness one doesn’t judge a race by the finishing time, else I would have failed miserably and would have had a punishing headache if not for the gels provided by Glen Mesch and sourced by Linda Scott.

Thanks to you all named and unnamed for being part of my Bunbury Classic experience.

Ken Little said:

Sprint distance: Swim – All good, surprised to see 75% of bikes still in racks when i got back 🙂:) 

Ride – wantched all those bikes go past while i was regurgatiting sea water (mental note, drink before the swim) Run – recovered fairly well to put a steady run in. Result – No finish time recorded 🙁:(

Reflection – Can only get better from here.

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