Profile – Gilly Chutrau

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Do you have any nicknames we don’t know about?  Gil – Gilly (Australia) – Willy (Houston) – Guille (Argentina)

Moved to Perth in July 2009. 1st time in Australia. The family and I are from Argentina. Lived in Houston, Texas for 7 years. Work for Chevron. I love it here, and really appreciate my NCTC and friends.

How long have you been involved in Triathlons and how did you first get introduced/involved into Tri’s?
Since 2006. I started running long distance in Texas. I was a gym rat at the time, was swimming and spinning, and one of my friends suggested I should tri… And here I am, hooked for life.

Which of the 3 tri disciplines did you do well at before you decided to try tri?
When I started I was a strong runner and a decent swimmer. Knew nothing about road cycling. I got a bit faster and better on the bike.

I’ve been into different sports: football, swimming, cricket, tennis, squash, scuba diving, windsurfing, surfing, indoor spinning. Started running races in late 2005.

Tell us about your first race?
My first run was an 8 km, my boss asked me to do it as a goal in my work plan. She changed my life forever.

The first tri I signed up for was a sprint in The Woodlands, Texas. Huge storm, swim and ride cancelled, only ran a (fast) 5 km.

The first complete tri was the Capital of Texas (sprint), in Austin, Texas. A beautiful place, people, and event. I go back to Austin every time I have a chance. 

Would you mind telling us what age group you race in?
Male 50-54

Triathlon goal?
Have fun, make more friends, get stronger, faster, smarter and more efficient.

Favourite triathlon distance?
Anything between a sprint and a 1/2 IM. But I like the short ones…, maybe I’m just being lazy… IM Melbourne will be my first IM distance in March’13

What is the funniest or strangest thing that has happened to you during or before a race?
When I was a newbie, approaching the dismount zone, too fast to stop behind the line, I blocked my front break, still clipped on to the pedals, and I did a perfect slow somersault, bike included, ending with my back on the asphalt and wheels straight up. Not hurt, no scratches, I unclipped, jumped back up, and ran into T2. Aspectator cheered: “GOOD RECOVERY, MAN!!!

Someone you respect highly in triathlons or the club and why?
Al Nicholls, Eddy Girvan, Kay Smith, the juniors, juniors’ parents, everybody involved in the NCTC organization (so many!). And every tri-athlete in general.