First Aquathlon This Friday

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The Club puts the Aquathlon Series together each year to provide members with Club racing during the summer. The series philosophy is based around bringing members together frequently, to enhance the club spirit and to provide a social and competitive environment where individuals can have a hit out and then relax with other club members after-wards. It is also an excellent vehicle to expose and promote club sponsors.

 The Race basic format includes an ocean swim (app. 400mt) with either a beach run or a run loop over the grassed area towards Hillarys Marina. Always a keenly contested event, with up to 50 competitors on some occasions lining up under starters orders. This event is run under a handicap system, which gives all ages, genders & abilities an equal chance of winning on any given night. The first 3 runners across the line are given a mention, but handicap results only, count towards series positions. The series result is not known until after the final race, when competitor‘s best 9 handicap results are tallied. Traditionally the winner is not announced until the Club presentation dinner/breakfast/lunch. The event sponsor for this season in Al‘s Cycle Surgery of Heathridge, who supplies a great range of spot prizes for the competitors. These are given out at the after race sausage sizzle.

Competition starts on Friday November 2nd for the first of 12 races over the summer season. Club members are invited to participate in the series or in individual races.

The Handicap Series will be based upon your best nine results. To race you must be a member of Triathlon Australia and a primary or secondary member of NCTC.

Costs associated with the series and individual races.

Seniors $55 per series $7 per race
(19 or under as 31/12/2010)
$30 per series $3 per race

State team representatives for 2012, who are members of NCTC, have been given free entry to the series.

Family 1st senior $55 2nd senior $50 any other $45 per series
1st junior $30 2nd junior $25 any other $20 per series


Triathlon Australia restricts the distances that competitors 13 years and under of age can race.

Any member 13 years and under must seek the Race Director’s approval before registering. They will be restricted in the distances they will be allowed to race. There will be no exceptions.

Registration will commence at 5.40pm on Friday in the courtyard at the Sorrento SLSC.

The committee asks you to be involved in this series as a competitor, spectator, official or helper in the sincere belief that this is the best club series available in Western Australia. Only through your support can the club continue to support you.

Race Director

Eddy Girvan            (on behalf of the NCTC committee)

Due to lack of daylight we need to be under starters orders by no later than 6.10pm, so be ready by 6.00pm for the race briefing.

North Coast Triathlon Club Aquathlon Series sponsored by



Link to the NCTC Aquathlon calendar.