Congratulations Helen

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Helen Vagnoni

Hi everyone. Firstly thanks to everyone for their show of support. I was totally overwhelmed! What a place, what a day. Started out a little slow in the swim but was feeling good on the bike out of town thinking hey maybe we will be lucky, but no there they were, the trade winds in full force, they come from all directions and can take people off their bikes. Then it was head wind at the turn around all the way home. Apparently back in Kona they were saying the strongest winds since 2003!!! With about 35kms to go – bang I find myself on the bitumen!!!!! Some lovely young gentleman coming down the hill, head down not looking where he was going takes me out. I was devastated thinking my race was over. Luckily I didn’t break anything, but from then on really struggled the run was the most painful I’ve ever done – anyway time to recover and enjoy some Hawaii time. Thanks again 🙂

BIB: 653
Division: F50-54
Age: 50
Country: AUS
Profession: Miscellaneous
Swim: 1:15:45
Bike: 6:26:47
Run: 4:41:17
Overall: 12:34:12

Enjoying the after party with the most special person in my life…so much support thru all of this. Thanks Will. HELEN