The Lancelin Ride

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VERY important rider protocols.

This is a long ride on roads that can be very busy You must at all times ride with caution and be very vary of traffic, especially along Wanneroo Road. NOTE: You must ride in single file on Wanneroo Road at all times. Only pass slower riders when it is safe to do so.

Tour ‘de Lancelin – The Cause

Club ride is to raise funds for Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer. So dress for the occasion – on the ride wear as much pink or blue as you can. Buy the merchandise – “NCTC Lancelin 2012” wrist bands – these will also be your ticket for the evening BBQ. Bring your own lunch for Sat (or eat in town) and also bring breakfast for Sun. There is plenty of fridge room to store your food.

Merchandise For Sale Tour De Lancelin:
Pink wrist bands: $5.00 each
Blue wrist bands: $5.00 each
Blue/Pink key rings: $5.00 each

Departure point is: 7 Baroola Place, Ocean Reef. (Rob Lees house)

Start Times

Note the start times and the definitions.

Slower group 6.30am will split into 2 groups 27kph and 24 kph av.  Each group is to appoint a ride manager who will keep all the riders together by calling the pace and waiting for riders if they drop back. Stay together at all times and help each other – make it a team effort.

Fast group 7.00am will probably also split but again keep to the same rules as mentioned above. This group will ave around 35kph and a slower 30kph group will emerge. Remember to form groups and look after each other.

IM Group will only differ in that it will be a continuous and steady ride with no stops. The average speed will probably be around 32kph, so anyone for that sort of ride is welcome to join in. Being IM we will not necessarily ride as a group because as riders get into a rhythm they will stick to they own pace.

The return ride on Sunday is the same stages in reverse, but there is only 1 group and usually this is only a hand full of die-hards. Start time 7.00am.


  • Please sign the riders register before you set off. Details required are your address, emergency contacts name and phone number. Also the distance/leg you are planning to ride.
  • Also there will be a sweeper vehicle that will stay behind the slowest rider for the duration. If at any time you do not wish to continue, do not fret – the sweeper will assist you.

Important information: If you are going to Lancelin and want to be part of the group please answer the relevant questions – you guys need to respond.

We know there are many Club members that have indicated their intention to participate in the Lancelin ride in some form or other, but now is the time for identifying your intentions. Most importantly we need to know your need for catering. Muffins etc and drinks will be supplied free at the halfway point Woodbridge Park on the way up. On the Saturday evening the Club will be providing a BBQ supper at the cost of $5.00 per head. Then again on the return trip refreshments will be available at Woodbridge Park.

By the way a great way to get to know new members is all hands helping prepare the salads, cooking the meat or washing all the dishes after the meal. All family and supporters coming with you will of course have this catering available to them as well – we just need numbers.

We’d love to try your desert, so if you have a favourite one that you would like to show off, please contact Dave Norton ( to notify him what you would like to bring. We do know that the “Profiterole Queen” will be away (so sad) so please step up to the plate.

If you are coming along for this great weekend, please answer the questions below. Note: “Party” means both riders and supporters so a family group can simply return one form with all names.

  1. Please tell me the names of the people who are in your party going to Lancelin?
  2. For safety reasons please also indicate which section each cyclist is planning to ride (checkout the distances in the newsletter), e.g. Woodbridge to Lancelin.
  3. Please tell me the names of the people in your party who will be staying the night?
  4. How many people in your party will be stopping at the halfway point in Woodbridge Park and require food & drink on the way up?
  5. Please tell me the names of the people in your party who will be staying for the BBQ dinner on Saturday evening.
  6. How many people in your party will be stopping at the halfway point in Woodbridge and require food & drink on the way back on Sunday?
  7. If your party is willing to assist by carrying luggage and/or cyclists only wanting to ride part of the way, please indicate how.

E.g. I will be stopping halfway and have space for one cyclist and bike to Lancelin. I will be departing ocean reef at 6am and can take running gear for the IM group to Lancelin.


Please send you reply to marking the subject line “Lancelin here I come”. All replies must be back by Thursday 11th Oct 6.00pm.

Use the distance chart below to plan your intended ride distance.

Lancelin Chart

It goes something like this. We leave in 3 groups on the Saturday from Ocean Reef. Group 1 (6.30 am) IM group – this group will ride nonstop to Lancelin and get straight off the bike and do a 12k run.

Group 2 (6.30am) Slow group – this group will average under 30kph and ride to the first stage stop at Woodridge park (56ks) – here you will be fed while you have a 20 min break. Some riders might choose not to continue to ride and get a lift the rest of the way (you must organise your lift with one of the many drivers). The rest of the group will ride on to Lancelin. Expect to arrive there at around 10.30am.

Group 3 (7.00am) Fast group – this group will power all the way, but will still stop for refreshments at Woodridge Park before continuing.

The return ride on Sunday is the same stages in reverse, but there is only 1 group and usually this is only a hand full of die-hards. Last year 45 rode up but only 6 managed the complete the 2 return stages.

We all stay at the Lancelin Lodge back packers and North Coast puts on a BBQ supper. This is a charity ride and this year we will be raising money for “Breast Cancer & Prostate Cancer”. All participants will be charged $5.00 for the dinner and additionally there will be a choice of a North Coast “Pink &Blue” accessory to buy as part of the fundraiser.

The afternoon is spent at the beach or at the Tavern or just going for walks – it’s all so nice and relaxing. One new member was heard to remark – “I went on the Lancelin weekend not knowing any other members and I came back with over 50 new friends

North Coasters will head up Sat 13 October 2013 and back the next day.

The rates are:

Family: $98 per night per night per room
Twin/Double: $80 per night per night per room
Group Share 6-8 persons: $30 per night per person

Prices includes linen and pillow. Towels are not supplied.

Lancelin Lodge
YHAWinner Best YHA in WA 2011
Ph. 61 8 96552020

Get in early and book your room/bed, by contacting the lodge yourself. Be sure to tell them that you with the NORTH COAST GROUP.