Do The Right Thing

Written by Zena Coffey on . Posted in News

Hello Folks, I rode into the wind and with the rain on the PSP from south to North today. Very hard slog. The going was slow. Because I was travelling quite slowly, I did notice a lot of rubbish beside the path. I counted 150 gel/bar wrappers in the section from Pinjarra Road to South Street. Mostly GU and Carboshotz wrappers. These were just the ones on the side of the path and obvious to see. There was other rubbish as well. I would not want to guess at how many wrappers may be in the bushes or more than a metre from the edge of the path.

I guess the wrappers are not good for the health of the wildlife. I have noticed an increase in the number of rats on the path over the past week or so – the increase in rubbish may be related. Such rubbish is also ugly. I see this as a sad indictment on the throw away mentality. I have no idea who dropped all these wrappers and am not suggesting any particular group. I do not know how long they have been there. I am not interested in naming or shaming. I ask simply that you all be conscious of your rubbish when out cycling and running. Here endeth my whinge.