Loretta Wesley 2010

Written by Zena Coffey on . Posted in Life Members

Loretta’s original involvement with the club was when she lived in Kingsley. For the majority of Loretta’s membership years she has lived in Bull Creek which has limited her ability to have an intimate regular contact with the club. However Loretta and her family have remained active club members with their two older children doing TRYstars and Kurt also about to commence his second season with the clubs junior Cyclo Sportif teams. In addition to Loretta’s contribution to the club and her sporting achievements, this shows a very high level of commitment to the club over a long period of time.

Loretta has been a NCTC member since the clubs inception in 1994, taking her years of membership to 17 years. Loretta has maintained her membership with the club and remained an active club member although for the majority of her membership she has lived outside of the nominal geographic catchment area.

Her sporting achievements in the club include:

Club Triathlete of the Year:

  • 09/10
  • 08/09
  • 07/08
  • 06/07
  • 05/06
  • 99/00

Max Greive Classic ‘Big Chainring’:

  • 09
  • 08
  • 07
  • 05
  • 04
  • 03

Female CTOTY Club most points:

  • 08/09
  • And I would presume quite number of other years and almost always in top 3.

Loretta is an exemplary role model. As an athlete she has been extremely successful over an extended period of time. She is very humble about her success and is a very good role model in all aspects of the sport. Loretta interacts socially well with the club members both new and old, and in recent years, has had a casual volunteer role with the TRYstar events which her children have participated in (either Loretta or Dale and more recently as their youngest child has got older both). One of the opportunities within the last 12 months has been to utilise Loretta’s Dual World Champion title status to present the Chocolate Finishers Medallions at the club TRYstar races. Loretta continues to identify with the club at TWA and club race events and is supportive of other north coast athletes of all ages.

In the formative years of the club Loretta was a general committee member for a year, and then the club captain for a year, and contributed strongly to the early development of the club and as club captain contributed an article to each of the monthly newsletters. Loretta was also a strong promoter and led by example of race reports, and was the also the catalyst behind the articles that Dale contributed on the adventure races that he participated in. Loretta was also the club handicapper for the Aquathlons and can be credited with most of its development before it was passed over to Barry Silverlock and refined further.

Loretta and family all recognize the club and its members at events.

As an athlete her achievements are unparalleled in the club and include:

  • Winning the State Series (Open) 6 times
  • Rotto Long Course (Open winner) 6 times, and especially for 4hr 4mins in 1992 for the 2/81/20 event
  • 3 Ironman races, Reebok Triple M, Hawaii and especially doing 9hr49m at Forster (1993)
  • Representing Australia in 1990 Commonwealth Games Demonstration event in Auckland and coming 10th
  • Representing Australia (Open) in Florida World Champs in 1990.

Then for Age group:

  • 1991 Gold Coast Worlds (25-29) 3rd
  • 2000 Perth Worlds (35-39) 3rd
  • 2009 Gold Coast Worlds – Olympic Distance (45-49) 1st
  • 2009 Perth Worlds – Long Course (45-49) 1st

Both of the 2009 age group world champion results follow having to cut short her 2007/8 season in March 2008 with a back injury and being unsure about her future.

Loretta has also represented WA in cycling (road races and State Champion), a sub 1 hour 40km time-trial and being short-listed in the Australian team, and has run a 2hr 55min marathon which she can be very proud of.

Loretta commenced triathlons over 22 years ago in a sport (less some time off having kids), where the average life time in the sport is less that 3 years, this alone is a significant achievement. If you add to the length of time the fact that Loretta has competed at an elite over a 20 year span (she still qualifies to race elite in the TWA races and has done so irregularly in recent years) and has had 3 children in between, then as a competitor she is outstanding. Loretta contributed strongly for a number of years in the clubs formative time at a committee level, and continues to have a passion to race taking turns racing with her husband and as the kids continue to grow up with them as well. In addition her personal values and her support to other North Coast triathletes of all ages at events places her well in-excess of the required criteria.