Ann Blatchford (2006)

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Ann Blatchford

Driven by the desire to put back into the sport what the sport has given her daughter, Ann has been a continuous member for the last 10 years. Serving on the committee for the last five years. Always actively supporting and driving most issues that affect the sport.

Founder, promoter and director of the Tri stars programme at North Coast now boasting the largest contingent of any WA club. TWA junior race co coordinator for state team selection races. The voice behind promotion of juniors in the sport and development of the junior programme with TWA and North Coast. A person always willing to give up her time to do something for the juniors or the club no matter what day of the week Ann will be there.

Always available to give sound advice, support and encouragement no matter who requires it. A competitor in her own right mainly when  the  club  needs  points  again  we  can  count  on  Ann  to participate.

This award was recommended to the floor by the President of the Club at the North Coast Annual General Meeting on 20/8/2006 and accepted unanimously.

Club President:


Nick Phillips