Barry Silverlock 2005

Written by Zena Coffey on . Posted in Life Members

Barry Silverlock’s time with the Club has run parallel with Bill’s in many instances. Club member for nine years serving on the committee for seven years with one as treasurer. A legend at organizing and setting club events especially the Duathlons, always at the venue at least an hour before everyone else getting things ready. Barry developed the Club’s race handicapping formula and to this day very few can fathom its mechanics as he applied it to the Aquathlon races. He is the originator and organizer of the Club fun ride to Lancelin now in its 6th year.

It is doubtful that if in all his nine years of membership Barry has missed more than a handful of Club Duathlons or Aquathlons. A fierce competitor, Barry through hard work has become a very accomplished Triathlete at both Ironman and State Series races. He is also very generous with help and advice to any Club member on any aspect of the sport, his valuable information coming from many years of experience. Barry has continued his involvement in the Club while continuing to compete and set up a new business.

A great clubman, Barry is the very epitome of a Life Member and we are fortunate that he happened to come the way of our Club.