Dave Rogers 2003

Written by Zena Coffey on . Posted in Life Members

As a member of NCTC for 6 years I have also got to know Dave quite well, and have unashamedly take advantage of his Thursday evening summer training sessions over all those years. Dave selflessly turns out week after week with no gain to himself to knock some shape into the growing band of attendees to his sessions; He is never short of words of encouragement or advice.

He always has time to listen to any ailments or problems anyone in his group may have. Dave is as good as a founding member of our club he has been on the scene almost since its inception. He has raced for many seasons, including many times on the old Rottnest long course. It is interesting that Dave was also a member of the NCTC interclub championship team that won the inaugural club championship in May 1994. Dave still competes annually in the club championships and in the Max Grieve Classic.

On a personal note I was much indebted to Dave for all the club history he was able give me as I developed the first yearbook for the club in season 2001/2002.

Dave is, besides anything else, just a good bloke to have around the club and I sincerely pleased that he has accepted the offer of life membership. In saying that we must also thank his wife Christine for supporting Dave with his interests in our Club. Dave I hope that we will continue to see and Christine around for many years to come.