Max Greive (Life member)

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Max Greive

Max was a founding member of the North Coast Tri Club and was our first club captain.  His work in the formation of the club started many years prior.

In 1987 Max joined the Kingsley Cycle shop, riding group and soon became the unofficial organiser of our three weekly rides.  The Tuesday hammer session,  the Thursday sprints and the Saturday long rides.  He insisted that all riders looked out for each other and no one was ever left behind.   He also ensured that small groups of similar speed riders were able to break away and maintain their speed.  Max organised the first of the Lancelin rides where he had a holiday house.  He also started the running sessions at Sacred Heart School in Sorrento and coached interesting sessions for many years. Max was a hard man and his time spent at the front of the riding groups in his big chain ring were legendary. After a brave fight with cancer Max passed away in 1999.